Kan | Aydın & Partners provides the legal assistance needed by its clients in many branches of law with its teammates, each of whom are experts in their fields.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Kan|Aydın&Partners provides the legal assistance that companies operating in different sectors need in all their commercial and legal processes. Kan|Aydın&Partners clients, which provide a wide range of services, especially in logistics, textile, construction, information technologies and start-up companies, can benefit from the following legal services before, during and after the transactions they will perform:

Legal Services

  • Company Establishments
  • Mergers-Acquisitions
  • National and International Conventions
  • Business law
  • Competition Law
  • National and International Commercial Law
  • Personal Data Protection Law
  • Trademark and Patent Law
  • Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law
  • Compensation Law
  • Contracts Law