Kan|Aydın&Partners provides the following legal services in order to protect the worker and to implement the regulations about the employer in the most efficient way, by showing the necessary respect for the labor:

Legal Services

  • Reemployment lawsuits
  • Employee claims litigation
  • Compensation cases related to work accidents and occupational diseases
  • Compensation for loss of support
  • Criminal cases related to workplace accidents
  • Employment contracts and employment law consultancy for companies


Kan|Aydın&Partners provides the following legal services to its Clients, especially in the field of consumer law that protects the consumer, on issues that should be considered in terms of both the consumer and the party providing the goods or services, which differ from other branches of law:

Legal Services

  • Preparation of contracts
  • Transactions to be made before the Consumer Arbitration Committee
  • Peace negotiations and protocols
  • Resolution of disputes in Consumer Courts


Kan|Aydın&Partners provides the following legal services with its staff who have improved themselves in personnel training and with the “Data Security” team it works with, if requested by its clients:

Legal Services

  • Compliance and process consultancy in accordance with the
  • Personal Data Protection Law
  • registration in the registry
  • Personal data controller and processor information
  • Staff information and staff training
  • Preparation of consent and clarification texts
  • Execution of compliance projects